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What's Growing On as of Friday, June 26, 2020

Hello Gardener's!

It's been a busy season.  In fact, we've never been busier!  We appreciate all the support and hope your gardens are doing well!  

As the Spring season winds down, it's important to remember that your plants need food!  Fertilizing your annuals should be done regularly with Power Bloom, at least every week.  Your trees and shrubs could use a boost as well with any specialized fertilizer from Nurseryland.  We carry, Evergreen Food, Rose Food, Rhodo Food, and an all purpose 12-16-12 as well.  As for your lawn, we recommend our Premium Lawn Food 31-0-6. It's great to put on just before a rain.  

Blind Bay is closing for the season June 30th.  We've run out of plants to sell there, and the staff are looking forward to having the summer off!  So we're going to clear some product before we move it all back to Salmon Arm.  Everything at the Blind Bay location will be 25% off Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.  It's been a great season in Blind Bay, thank you!


New Procedures

Please follow instructions at both stores.  We have new "traffic flow" patterns to help everyone keep a good distance apart.

We will try to help you as much as we can in store, at a distance

We do accept cash, but prefer debit or credit

 Have fun, stay safe, stay healthy

Phone calls and Emails

Since we've opened the stores, we've been incredibly busy trying to keep the tables full, and the shelves stocked.  We're also busy serving the customers in the store, which makes us happy!  Our phone lines have been ringing none stop and it's hard to get through.  We've been overrun with emails that we just can't get to them all.  We're trying, and eventually we'll get to most of them, but we will miss some, please be kind.  Honestly, the best way is to come into either store to see what we have and pick out your plants.  

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